Web Marketing for Small

& Home-Based Businesses:

How to Advertise and Sell

Your Products Online


By: Learn2succeed.com Incorporated


This book shows you how to advertise and sell your products or services on the Web. Learn the basics of Web marketing and some of the challenges facing online merchants. Find out how to use the Web for your market research and how to prepare your Web marketing plan.

Learn about the importance of selecting a suitable domain name and what's involved with Web hosting. Take a look at Web authoring software and then find out how to make your site user-friendly. Read about some of the software that is available for conducting e-commerce.

Find out about search engines and how to improve your ranking with them in the chapter on search engine optimization. Take a look at the effectiveness of banner ads, pop-up ads, Web rings and the importance of links to other sites.

Learn how to keep the name of your business in front of your customers with permission-based e-mail and e-newsletters. Find out the significance of viral marketing and the importance of referrals and affiliate programs.

Look at ways to use traditional marketing to drive traffic to your site. Then, take a look into the future and new marketing strategies using Internet telephony, streaming audio and video.

Web marketing is a great way to expand your business. This book will provide you with all the information you need to get started.





     The Importance of the Web from a Marketing Viewpoint

     Why Bandwidth is so Important

     The Telco's "Pipe"

     The Cableco's "Pipe"

     Fibre Optic Cable

     The "Pipe" from Space: Broad Bandwidth from Low Orbit Satellites

     The Wireless "Pipe" of Broadband Radio

     The "Pipe" of Electric Utility Companies

     Which Pipe Will Become the Preferred Pipe for Internet Access?

     The Importance of Broadband from a Marketing Viewpoint

     Broadband as a Global Marketing Medium


Chapter 1 - What do We Mean by Web Marketing?

     The Basic Elements of Web Marketing

     The Marketing of Product


Chapter 2 - Using the Web for Market Research and Product Pricing

     The Internet as a Source of Information

     Search Engines

     Narrowing Down the Search

     An Example of a Search

     Web Sources of Marketing Information

     The Use of Copernic

     The Web Advantage


     A Word of Caution About Pricing on the Web


Chapter 3 - Planning for Web Marketing

     Get to Know the Competition!

     The Marketing Strategy

     Methods of Distribution

     Non-Web Based Marketing

     Packaging and Merchandising


     Advertising and Lead Generation

     Premiums and Incentives

     The Marketing Plan


Chapter 4 - Domain Names and Web Hosting

     Selecting a Domain Name

     Domain Name Extensions

     Web Hosting


Chapter 5 - Web Authoring Software

     Creating Your Own Web Site

     Static vs. Dynamic

     Microsoft FrontPage®

    Macromedia Dreamweaver® UltraDev™ & Studio MX

     Adobe GoLive™


Chapter 6 - E-Commerce

     What Do We Mean by E-Commerce?

     Methods of Payment

     International Currencies

     Security of Transaction



     Main Types of E-Commerce Software

     The Shopping Cart

     The Checkout


Chapter 7 - Make Your Web Site User-Friendly

     Browser Compatibility & Screen Resolution

     Home & Tagline

     Load Times

     Copy, Copyright, Spelling, Layout & Colour

     Multimedia & Splash Pages

     The "3-Click Rule"

     Where am I? Site Map and Site Search Tools

     Bookmarks, Get Them to Return - "Sticky Sites"

     Referrals & Testimonials

     Incorporate a Survey

     Contact Info

     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

     Check for Broken Internal Links



Chapter 8 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

     Search Engines

     Search Engine Ranking

     Spiders & Crawlers, Meta Tags, Title Tags & Key Words

     Key Word Ranking

     Organic Search, Paid Submissions and Paid Inclusions

     Sponsored Search & Paid Placement Pay-per-Click (PPC)

     Advertising plus Auction Networks

     Cost-per-Order (CPO) & Return on Advertising Spending (ROAS)

     Submissions to Search Engines

     Definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

     The Future for Search Engines


Chapter 9 - Banner Ads, Pop-Up Ads, Web Rings & Links to Other Sites

     Links to Other Sites

     Promote your Site with Web Rings

     Banner Ads

     Pop-Up Ads


Chapter 10 - E-Mail and E-Newsletters

     E-Mail as a Direct Marketing Tool

     Spam vs. Opt-in-Mailing with Clickable Links to Your Site


     The List, Database Marketing & the Issues of Customer Privacy

     Apply Some of the Same Principles Used in Direct Snail Mail Marketing

     Testing & Tracking Your Results


Chapter 11 - Viral Marketing & Affiliate Programs

     What is Viral Marketing?

     What is an Affiliate Program?


Chapter 12 - Offline Advertising & Promotion

     Integrate Your Online & Offline Advertising and Promotion


Chapter 13 - The Future of Web Marketing

     The Web as a Powerful Marketing Tool




Web Marketing for Small & Home-Based Businesses: How to Advertise and Sell Your Products Online by: Learn2succeed.com Incorporated; 132 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-119-5 softcover, published in 2002; $24.95. 


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