Steps to Choosing the Right Computer

for Your Home of Business

A No-Nonsense Guide Which

Cuts Through All the Hype

By: Incorporated






You should read this book before you purchase a new computer. It will lead you through the many factors which you should consider. Unfortunately, when you go into a computer box store, many sales people are more interested in making a commission than on selling you something that best fits your need. Unless you have a lot of money and are trying to impress your friends and neighbours, you can save yourself from overspending on features which you really donít need.

This book will take you "under the hood"of the typical personal computer and show you what makes it run. It also covers the boards and cards which you may need and it tells you how data is stored and what to look out for.

A basic question is whether you want to stick with a desktop or have the advantages of being mobile.

You can take a tour of monitors, modems, keyboards, mice, graphic tablets, voice controls and touch screens.

Learn about scanners and how you can use Optical Character Recognition software to import paper-based documents or faxes into your word processing program so that you can edit them or manipulate them.

Take a look at computer printer technology and how to select the most suitable printer for your needs. Youíll also learn how to create your own network; the importance of surge protection and power backup. It also shows you how to engage in long distance phone conversations for free.

This book reviews the different operating systems and give you a brief summary of the different software suites of programs. It takes a look at some of the things you will need to know for getting pictures and videos into your computer and some of the new technology which may revolutionize the games industry.

Find out how to calculate your total cost of ownership and be alerted to some of the "hidden" costs.

The final chapter puts it all in a nutshell--how to select the right computer for your needs rather than listening to all the hype in your local computer store.



Chapter 1: What to Do Before You Choose the Computer Hardware for Your Business

Chapter 2: Take a Look Under the Hood What Makes Your Computer Run?

Chapter 3: Motherboards, Other Boards and Cards

Chapter 4: Devices Where you Can Store Your Data and Retrieve it Later

Chapter 5: Fixed or Mobile? Personal Computers for Homebodies or Nomads

Chapter 6: The Monitor: A Display Screen that Lets You See What's Happening

Chapter 7: Modems: Your Connection to the Outside World

Chapter 8: Taking Control of Matters: Keyboards, Mice, Graphic Tablets, Voice or Touch Screens

Chapter 9: Scanners and Optical Character Recognition

Chapter 10: Getting it Down on Paper: The Low Down on Computer Printers

Chapter 11: Create Your Own Home or Office Network

Chapter 12: When Lightening Strikes! Don't Let Your Data Get Zapped Out!

Chapter 13: Talk Long Distance Over the Internet by Phone: For Free!

Chapter 14: Operating Systems To Make Your Computer and its Software Work

Chapter 15: The Suites: Collections of Programs that Can Save You Time and Money

Chapter 16: How Much is it Going to Cost? Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Chapter 17: How to Get Your Pictures and Videos into Your Computer

Chapter 18: Playing Games: Some New Technology that May Revolutionize Games Industry

Chapter 19: In a Nutshell: Work Back from What You Want to Do With a New Computer



Steps to Choosing the Right Computer for Your Home or Business: A No-Nonsense Guide Which Cuts Through All the Hype by: Incorporated:  Softcover; 96 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-454-7  published in 2012; $17.99.    


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