Steps to Starting 

a Successful Import Business

Where to Find Products, Bring Them into

the Country and Make Money Selling Them

By: Incorporated







Learn how to find products to import and then do the research to find out whether you can sell them in your local market.

What legal form is best for your business? Don’t forget to register for sales taxes and protect your trademarks. Consider operating your business from your home or by leasing commercial space. Look at some of the advantages of warehousing and bonded warehousing.

You’ll learn about the most popular ways of paying for imports and some of the companies that are involved with trade financing.

Take a look at some of the freight alternatives for importing your goods and what’s involved with customs clearance.

This book will show you how to use advertising and direct marketing to sell your imports. How to advertise them by setting up your own Web site and how to sell them using e-commerce software.

A full chapter will discuss the topic of fulfillment–how to get your imported products into the hands of your purchaser.

You will be provided with all the basic knowledge you need to start your own importing business and how to make money selling the products you import.



Introduction - The Importance of Importing

Chapter 1 - Where to Find Products to Import

Chapter 2 - How to Research the Market

Chapter 3 - Getting Started

Chapter 4 - To be Home-Based or Use Commercial Space

Chapter 5 - Payment Methods for Imports

Chapter 6 - Freight Alternatives for Importing

Chapter 7 - Customs Clearance

Chapter 8 - Distribution: Selling Your Imported Products

Chapter 9 - Create Your Own Web Site to Advertise Your Imported Goods

Chapter 10 - Web Authoring Software

Chapter 11 - The Basics of E-Commerce to Sell Your Imported Goods

Chapter 12 - E-Commerce Software

Chapter 13 - Online Advertising for Your Imported Products

Chapter 14 - Off-line Advertising and Marketing

Chapter 15 - Fulfillment--Getting the Product to the Purchaser



Steps to Starting a Successful Import Business: How to Find Products, Bring them into the Country and Make Money Selling Them by: Incorporated:  softcover; 148 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-358-8; published in 2009;  $24.95.    


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