Steps to Opening a Successful Web Store

The Basics of How to Set-up

Shop in Cyberspace

By: Incorporated







This book is written for the small business person as well as those who want to start a new e-commerce business.

You will learn how to find products to sell, research the market, open your own Web site and conduct e-commerce. Read reviews of different software packages to help you.

Find out the advantages of running your business from home and how to set it up. Learn how to select the best computer hardware and software for your business.

You will find out how to create your own Web site and Web authoring software which will help you. Then you can find out what’s involved with e-commerce and the software you can use to set up your own Web store.

Read about how to use online and offline advertising to drive traffic to your Web store. Take a look at selling at eBay auctions and what’s involved in opening your own eBay store.

Figure out how much all this is going to cost and some of the factors you will need to address in raising money.

Finally, establish your marketing strategy, prepare your marketing plan and incorporate it into your business plan. Then monitor your progress and modify your plan until you succeed.



Introduction - The Importance of  E-Commerce?

Chapter 1 - The Different Flavours of E-Commerce

Chapter 2 - Use Your Home

Chapter 3 - Where to Find Products to Sell

Chapter 4 - Is There a Market?

Chapter 5 - Setting Up Your Business

Chapter 6 - Selecting a Computer

Chapter 7 - Selecting Software

Chapter 8 - Create Your Own Web Site

Chapter 9 - Web Authoring Software

Chapter 10 - The Basics of E-Commerce

Chapter 11 - E-Commerce Software

Chapter 12 - Online Advertising

Chapter 13 - Off-line Advertising

Chapter 14 - Selling at eBay Auctions and Open an eBay Store

Chapter 15 - How Much is it Going to Cost?

Chapter 16 - Start with Your Business Plan  




Steps to Opening a Successful Web Store: The Basics of How to Set-Up Shop in Cyberspace by: Incorporated:  softcover; 154 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-357-1; published in 2009;  $24.95.    


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