Inexpensive E-Commerce

Solutions for Small &

Home-Based Businesses:


You Don’t Have to Spend

a Fortune to Start Selling Online


By: Incorporated


Take a look at why e-commerce is so important today. Learn about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which is involved in Business to Business (B2B) relationships and e-tailing in the Business to Consumer (B2C) area.

Find out how to accept payment and how to deal with international currencies. Learn about the fulfilment process and why timely delivery is so important to the success of your business. Look at why security and privacy are such important issues for your customers and how to address them. Examine hosting alternatives, cybermalls and other issues relating to e-tailing.

Take a tour of inexpensive software which you can use to establish your own e-commerce Web site. Most of these are easy-to-use solutions that don't require any programming knowledge and can get you up and running in no time. Take a look at the challenges of integrating your back office and accounting systems with your e-commerce software.

A full chapter is devoted to hints on how to fine-tune your Web site and make it e-commerce friendly. There is also a brief description of affiliate programs.

You will find out how to plan for e-commerce and what it is going to cost. Take a look at some of the taxation issues relating to e-commerce and then take a trip into the future and find out why e-commerce will be so important for the survival of your business in the years to come.

This book is a great place to start if you want to learn about inexpensive e-commerce solutions for your small or home-based business. Find out how to do it inexpensively for about $100 per month. You don't have to spend a fortune to start selling online!




     What do We Mean by E-commerce?

     B2B and B2C

     E-commerce is a Component of Web Marketing

Chapter 1 How Much Business Is Being Done Over the Web?

     Early Predictions

     The Current State of Retail E-Commerce

     The Status of Worldwide B2B E-Commerce

Chapter 2 - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

     The Role of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

     Trading Partners

     Adopting EDI

     Value-Added Networks (VANs) & Value-Added Services

     The Focus of the Rest of this Book

Chapter 3 - Retail E-Commerce or E-Tailing

     What is E-Tailing?

     Traditional Retailing vs. E-Tailing

     The Role of Disintermediation

     The Disintermediation Balancing Act

     Impact of E-Tailing on the Commercial Real Estate Market

     Impact of E-Tailing on the Employment Market

Chapter 4 - Methods of Payment, Security & Privacy

     Credit Card Merchant Status

     Third Party Credit Card Processors

     International Currencies

     Security of Transaction


     Credit Card Merchant Identification

     Credit Card Adjustments for Returns and Lost Shipments

Chapter 5 - Fulfilment

     What is Fulfilment?

     Digital Fulfilment

     Non-Digital Fulfilment

     US-Canada Cross-Border Shipments

     Overseas Shipments

     Customs and Tax Matters

Chapter 6 - To Host or Not to Host?

     Web Hosting

     Do-it-Yourself Hosting

     Use a Hosting Company


Chapter 7 - Cybermalls

     What is a Cybermall?

     Financial Transactions in Cybermalls

     Examples of Cybermalls

     The Future for Cybermalls

Chapter 8 - Issues Relating to E-Tailing

     Main Types of E-Commerce Software

     The Shopping Cart

     The Checkout

Chapter 9 - Examples of E-Commerce Software

     Just Add Commerce® (JAC)

     Just Add Promotion® (JAP)

     StoreFront™ Standard Edition


     EROL® Electronic Retail Online

     Zilron Storecreator

     PDG Shopping Cart

     Q-Shop Storefront System

Chapter 10 - Integration with the Back Office

     The Back End Gap

Chapter 11 - Fine Tuning Your Site for E-Commerce

     Make Your Site User-Friendly

     Make Your Site E-commerce Friendly

     Clearly State Your Shipping Charges

     Free Shipping

     Frequent Shopper Discounts

     A Word of Warning About Contests

Chapter 12 - Affiliate Programs

     What is an Affiliate Program?

Chapter 13 - Planning for E-Commerce

     Get to Know the Competition!

     The Marketing Strategy

     Methods of Distribution



     Advertising and Lead Generation

     Premiums and Incentives

     The Marketing and E-Commerce Plan

     Sources of Online Marketing and E-Commerce Statistics

Chapter 14 - What's it Going to Cost?

     A Rough Estimate

     Equipment Costs

     The Time Costs

Chapter 15 - The Future For Taxation on E-Commerce Transactions

     Cybertax?? - Oh NO!!

     Taxes on Inter-state and Inter-provincial Transactions

Chapter 16 - The Future of E-Commerce

     E-Commerce is Here to Stay

     The Future of E-tailing

     Comparison Shopping

     The "E-commercialization"of Education

     The "E-commercialization" of Legal, Accounting and Other Professional Services

     The "E-commercialization" of the Hospitality and Travel Industries

     The "E-commercialization" of the Publishing Industry

     The "E-commercialization" of the Gambling Industry

     The "E-commercialization" of the Adult Entertainment Industry

     The Battle of Free Content vs. Paid Content





Inexpensive E-Commerce Solutions for Small & Home-Based Businesses: You Don't Have to Spend a Fortune to Start Selling Online by: Incorporated; 130 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-118-8 softcover; published in 2002; $24.95. 


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