The Small Business Guide

to Increasing Your Sales Using eBay™

Easy Ways to Expand into Domestic

and Foreign Markets


By: Incorporated



How Established Small Businesses Can Use eBay to

Increase Their Sales Into Domestic & Foreign Markets


Written in non-technical language, this book will help every small business person make effective use of eBay to increase their sales to domestic and foreign markets.  

Selling on eBay is probably one of the easiest ways to test new products and sell-off excess inventory or end-of-line goods, yet many businesspeople do not know how to go about it. This book will provide them with the basic knowledge to get started with a very small investment. 

This book will show readers how to conduct their own research, determine their offering prices, list their products and how to create great images. It shows them how to get paid and how to deliver products both domestically and internationally. It covers profit margins and talks about how much money their businesses can reasonably be expected to make. 

Readers will learn about consignment selling and selling wholesale lots.

This book discusses the importance of the "About Me" page.  It also shows what is involved in starting an eBay store.

It shows readers how to provide excellent customer service.  It discusses the importance of positive customer feedback.  It offers suggestions on resolving disputes with buyers.

It discusses the concept of multi-channel marketing. It cautions readers about potential conflicts that may arise and offers suggestions on how to tackle them.

Finally, this book lays out the planning process to expand sales by using eBay and other channels. It discusses ways to integrate online activities with an existing business. 

Web marketing using eBay is a great way to expand an already established small business. This book provides readers with all the information they need to get started and concludes by letting them know where to obtain further information and advice.



Introduction - The eBay Story of Success

Chapter 1 - An eBay Primer: What Can You Sell

Chapter 2 - An eBay Primer: How Auctions Work

Chapter 3 - The Role of eBay in the Product Cycle

Chapter 4 -  How to Do Your Own Research

Chapter 5 - Deciding on the Offering Price

Chapter 6 - Presenting Your Product:

Chapter 7 - Software to help You Edit Scanned Images and Photos

Chapter 8 - Getting Paid

Chapter 9 - How to Deliver Your Products

Chapter 10 - Your "About Me" Page

Chapter 11 - Your eBay Store

Chapter 12 - How to Keep Your Customers Happy and Get Repeat Business

Chapter 13 - Software to Help You Manage Your eBay Business

Chapter 14 - eBay Trading Assistants and Trading Posts

Chapter 15 - Integrating eBay Into Your Existing Business

Chapter 16 - Your eBay Business Plan

Chapter 17 - Getting Help and Learning More About eBay




The Small Business Guide to Increasing Your Sales Using eBay: Easy Ways to Expand into Domestic and Foreign Markets by: Incorporated:  softcover; 138 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-251-2; published in 2007; $24.95.       


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