A Raging Gold Bull or a

Hibernating Golden Bear?

Investment Reality Check

By: Learn2succeed.com Incorporated






Over the past two years, all the pundits and so-called "experts" botched their forecasts. While most were predicting that gold prices would reach $2,000 per ounce in late 2012 and early 2013, prices actually fell by 38% from their 2011 peak. In late May 2014, more "experts" emerged from their holes in the woodwork to predict that prices would fall to $840. If you are like most gold investors, you would probably love to kick most of these so-called "experts" in their teeth!

A couple of years ago, billionaire, George Soros, proclaimed that there was a gold bubble and unloaded his massive holdings in GLD, a gold exchange traded fund. Other investors and hedge fund managers dumped their gold holdings and switched their funds into the hot stock market of 2013, where they chased high-tech darlings and junior bio-tech stocks with virtually no earnings but oodles and oodles of promise.

This book concedes that some air may have been let out of the gold bubble but it has not burst, otherwise it would be back to the $350 level again.

The gold exchange traded funds dumped huge amounts of the metal out onto the market in response to sales by disenchanted investors. But somebody bought the gold! Who were they; how much did they buy and why? Those are very interesting questions and this book will attempt to answer them because they may hold the key to where the future lies.

This book talks about some of the key factors that influence the price of gold. It presents a reality check. It looks at the battlefield to try to see where the bulls and bears are located.

Then, the reader will have to decide whether a raging gold bull is about to charge onto the field or whether the golden bear is just hibernating or even worse...dead from effects of an Arctic Vortex.

Everything is not doom and gloom. The fact remains that over the past 10 years, ending in May 2014, the price of gold has risen from about $350 to about $1,300. This is a 271% increase or about 27% per annum. The question is whether the next ten years will show a similar increase or will gold erase those gains and fall back to $350 an ounce?

The title is biassed. A raging bull implies that gold is going to surge upward; whereas a hibernating bear implies that gold is just slumbering and that it will wake up to see another sunny day. So, this book takes the position that gold isnít dead...itís just a question of how quickly it will revive and if there are some bear traps along the way!

Written by a former mining analyst, under a pseudonym, this book covers some of the less publicized factors which influence the price. These will be of interest to gold bugs as well as those who are curious about investing in the yellow metal.


INTRODUCTION: The Comeuppance of the Talking Heads

Chapter 1: The ETF Bull Went Charging Off in the Wrong Direction

Chapter 2: Where Did All The Gold Go?

Chapter 3: The Hibernating Golden Bear in India

Chapter 4: Gold as a Currency

Chapter 5: Reserve Currencies

Chapter 6: Paper Fiat Currencies

Chapter 7: Where Gold is Traded

Chapter 8: The Government Debt Crisis

Chapter 9: The Influence of Oil on the Price of Gold

Chapter 10: The Demand Side of the Equation

Chapter 11: The Supply Side of the Equation: Gold Mining

Chapter 12: Investing in Gold Mining Companies

Chapter 13: Investing in Gold Shares Listed on a Stock Exchange

Chapter 14: Short Covering Gold Rallies

Chapter 15: Mutual Funds Which Specialize in Gold

Chapter 16: Investing in Gold Coins, Bars and Wafers

Chapter 17: The Gold Futures Market

Chapter 18: Conclusion: The Reality Check!



A Raging Gold Bull or a Hibernating Golden Bear? Investment Reality Check by: Learn2succeed.com Incorporated:  Softcover; 132 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-703-6  published in June 2014; $19.95.    


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