Fundamentals of Effective

Online Selling:

Use the Power of the Internet

to Increase Your Sales

By: Incorporated



This book shows you how to advertise and sell your products or services on the Web. Learn the basics of online selling and some of the challenges facing online merchants.

Learn about the importance of selecting a suitable domain name and what's involved with Web hosting. Take a look at Web authoring software and inexpensive software which you can use to establish your own e-commerce Web site. Most of these are easy-to-use solutions which don’t require any programming knowledge and can get you up and running in no time.

Make your site user-friendly and fine-tune it for e-commerce. Learn how to keep the name of your business in front of your customers with permission-based e-mail and e-newsletters. Find out the significance of viral marketing and the importance of referrals and affiliate programs.

Find out about search engines and how to improve your ranking with them in the chapter on search engine optimization. Take a look at the effectiveness of banner ads, pop-up ads, Web rings and the importance of links to other sites.

Take a look at the challenges of integrating your back office and accounting systems with your e-commerce software. Review some of the taxation issues relating to e-commerce.

Look at ways to use traditional marketing to drive traffic to your site. Find out how to use the Web for your market research and how to prepare your Web marketing plan.

Then, take a look into the future and new marketing strategies using Internet telephony, streaming audio and video. Find out why e-commerce will be so important for the survival of your business in the years to come.

The Fundamentals of Effective Online Selling will help you expand your business. It will provide you with all the information you need to start increasing your sales.



Chapter 1 - Global Reach–Sell to the World!

Chapter 2 - The Communications "Pipe" from the Viewpoint of Selling

Chapter 3 - What do We Mean by Web Marketing & E-Commerce?

Chapter 4 - How Much Business is Being Done Over the Web?

Chapter 5 - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Chapter 6 - Retail E-Commerce or E-Tailing

Chapter 7 - The Importance of a Good Domain Name

Chapter 8 - Web Authoring Software

Chapter 9 - To Host or Not to Host?

Chapter 10 - Cybermalls

Chapter 11 - Issues Relating to E-Tailing

Chapter 12 - Examples of E-Commerce Software

Chapter 13 - Integration with the Back Office

Chapter 14 - Fine Tuning Your Site for E-Commerce

Chapter 15 - Make Your Web Site User-Friendly

Chapter 16 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Chapter 17 - Banner Ads, Pop-Up Ads, Web Rings & Links to Other Sites

Chapter 18 - E-Mail and E-Newsletters

Chapter 19 - Viral Marketing & Affiliate Programs

Chapter 20 - Offline Advertising & Promotion

Chapter 21 - Using the Web for Market Research and Product Pricing

Chapter 22 - Planning for Web Marketing

Chapter 23 - What's it Going to Cost?

Chapter 24 - The Future For Taxation on E-Commerce Transactions

Chapter 25 - The Future for Online Selling and E-Commerce




Fundamentals of Effective Online Selling: Use the Power of the Internet to Increase Your Sales by: Incorporated 206 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-210-9; softcover; published in 2005;  $29.95.   


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