Crowdfunding for Beginners

How to Raise Money for Start-Ups, Early Stage

Enterprises, Charities and Non-Profits

By: Incorporated






According to an industry report by Massolution, crowdfunding platforms raised $2.7 billion in 2012 and funded over a million campaigns. Even though figures were not yet available for 2013, it predicted an 81% increase in crowdfunding volumes. In another testament to its rapid growth, in mid-2012, The Economist, in an article entitled The Thundering Herd, estimated that there were 450 crowdfunding platforms globally; compared to only 100 in 2007.

In this book, I値l attempt to put crowdfunding into the context of the socially connected world of the Internet. Initially, I will lead you through some of the preparations you will need to make before approaching the equity crowdfunding market and then I値l lead you through some of the issues which you are likely to encounter.

I will then show you the state of play for equity crowdfunding in the United States and the Province of Ontario, together with some of the regulatory hurdles that exist. On the one hand, there is a desire to make it easy for small companies to gain access to capital and thereby create the jobs which the nations so desperately need. On the other hand, there is a fear on the part of regulators that the public could loose lots of money through fraud and that they, i.e., the regulators, will be held responsible.

As a result, regulators in the United States and Ontario are arming themselves with red tape in an effort (intentional or not) to wrap and suffocate parts of the crowdfunding "beast" to death. Also, if you池e thinking of becoming a crowdfunding investor, I hope that I will provide some sober thoughts about the potential risks and rewards.

Equity crowdfunding investments involve rules and regulations. The good news is that some individual American states and the Saskatchewan have taken different tacks and established more liberalized regimes in which equity can be raised from the crowd.

After that I値l show you the enlightened approach taken by the British, who have adopted a much more laissez faire attitude and even provided encouragement by means of tax incentives. Then I will provide you with a brief review of what痴 going on in Australia and New Zealand.

Debt-based crowdfunding is already very popular at a personal level but is also gaining traction amongst the business community.

I値l cover reward-based fundraising for books, theatre productions, etc. Crowdfunders, who are supporting artistic or other causes, may be satisfied with small rewards when those artistic endeavours come to fruition. Their reward is their contribution to the social good, rather than making money.

Then, I will show you the stars of the crowdfunding show: those who raise money for charities and non-profits. They face less of a challenge because donors are not concerned about making a return on investment but rather that their money is being put to good use. If you remove the "money making" motive, you will remove many of the complexities!

Fasten your seatbelts and I値l take you on a roller-coaster ride through the crowdfunding ecosystem. You値l find it entertaining and informative!


INTRODUCTION: Where Crowdfunding Fits into The Big Picture

Chapter 1: Preparing Yourself for the Equity Crowdfunding Adventure

Chapter 2: Issues You May Encounter When Raising Equity-based Crowdfunding

Chapter 3: The U.S. Equity Model for Crowdfunding

Chapter 4: Crowdfunding in Canada

Chapter 5: Crowdfunding in the United Kingdom

Chapter 6: Crowdfunding Down Under

Chapter 7: The Crowdfunding Loan Model

Chapter 8: The Crowdfunding Rewards Model

Chapter 9: Raising Money for Charities & Non-profits

Chapter 10: The Future of Crowdfunding



Crowdfunding for Beginners: How to Raise Money for Start-ups, Early Stage Enterprises, Charities and Non-Profits by: Incorporated:  Softcover; 156 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-706-7  published in June 2014;  $24.95.    


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