Corporate Video Production

on a Shoestring

Improve Your Communications

with Your Customers, Employees 

and Shareholders

By: Incorporated



Inexpensive digital camcorders offer great opportunities to improve communications with customers, employees and shareholders. This book covers the equipment and software required together with tips on post-production editing and hints on creating great content.

Video can be used very effectively in many ways within an organization. For example, it can be used to orient new employees and introduce them to the business. It can be used for training existing employees. It can be used to boost morale among employees and help them understand the focus and objectives of the business they work for.

It can be used to communicate with those outside the organization such as shareholders or to make presentations to potential investors or lenders.

Video has a huge potential in the area of selling and marketing. It can also be used to introduce potential and existing customers to new products. It can be used to explain assembly instructions or to demonstrate the features of a product to a customer who has just made a purchase.

Videos can be very inexpensively copied onto VCR tapes, CD-ROMs or DVDs and distributed inexpensively through the mail. They can also be Web-cast.

This book will help you use video to improve your communications with your customers, employees and shareholders in a cost-effective way.




INTRODUCTION - What do we Mean by Corporate Video?


CHAPTER 1 - Why Corporate Video is so Important?


CHAPTER 2 - Define Your Objectives

CHAPTER 3 - Do-it-yourself or Out-source?

CHAPTER 4 - Equipment: Camera, Sound, Lighting

CHAPTER 5 - Legal Issues

CHAPTER 6 - Treatment and Scripting

CHAPTER 7 - Filming

CHAPTER 8 - Post-Production and Non-Linear Editing

CHAPTER 9 - Incorporating Photos, Still Images and Slides from Presentations

CHAPTER 10 - Mastering, Replication & Distribution

CHAPTER 11 - Delivering Over the Internet

CHAPTER 12 - Budgeting and Total Cost





Corporate Video Production on a Shoestring: Improve Your Communications with Your Customers, Employees and Shareholders by: Incorporated:  softcover; 116 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-303-8; published in 2008;  $24.95.       


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