Business Start-up in the Digital Age

Smart Ways to a Successful Launch

By: Incorporated








The digital age can be a huge blessing for anyone who wants to start a business and is willing to take advantage of the vast amount of technology currently at their disposal. The Internet, e-mail and personal computers; together with relatively inexpensive software make business start-up so much easier than it was a mere 35 years ago.

This book will show readers how to successfully launch their own business. It covers several different scenarios. It will help those who have invented a new product and want to bring it to market. As an alternative, it will help people who intend to sell an existing product that is available locally or can be imported. It will then offer suggestions on starting a service business. For those who donít have any ideas on what kind of business they want to start, it will help them find something appropriate.

Readers will get hints on researching the market for their product or service. It will then cover the choice of a business name and different forms of legal structure. It provides hints on using their residence to operate their business and if thatís not possible, it covers some of the issues regarding commercial and retail leases.

Employees can make or break a business and this book shows start-up entrepreneurs how to calculate their human resource requirements and get the most out of their workers.

This book will cover online and offline advertising together with marketing; how to set up a Web site and sell online.

It shows readers how to calculate how much money it will cost to start their business and whether they can self-finance it or obtain money from friends, family or through crowdfunding.

Finally, it reviews different software packages for creating a business plan and then shows readers how to use it, if they need to obtain outside financing.

This book covers all the essentials new entrepreneurs need to successfully launch their own business in the digital age.


INTRODUCTION: Use Technology to Your Advantage

Chapter 1: Eureka! You've Invented a New Product

Chapter 2: Manufacture or Sell an Existing Product

Chapter 3: Start a Service Business

Chapter 4: If You Don't Already Have a Business Idea: Use the Internet to Find One!

Chapter 5: Use the Internet to Research Your Potential Market

Chapter 6: Choose a Great Name, then Register or Incorporate Your Business

Chapter 7: Where to Locate Your Business

Chapter 8: Use the Internet to Source Your Equipment Needs

Chapter 9: Use Your Computer to Prepare Your Human Resource Plan

Chapter 10: Use Your Computer to Prepare Your Advertising and Marketing Plan

Chapter 11: Create Your Own Web Site and Sell Online

Chapter 12: Cash Flow is Your Lifeblood!

Chapter 13: Use Your Computer to Find Out How Much Money You Will Need to Start

Chapter 14: Use Your Computer to Prepare Your Business Plan

Chapter 15: Track Your Progress and Be Prepared to Modify Your Business Plan




Business Start-up in the Digital Age: Smart Ways to a Successful Launch by: Incorporated:  Softcover; 164 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-522-3  published in June 2014; $24.95.    


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